It was an enriching and extraordinary experience for all those involved in PL100. Our school is blessed with the love of many friends and alumni who have supported her graciously and generously.

Each month in 2016 saw the extended PL family unite for events in praise of and in thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness to PL through 100 years.

Our heartfelt thanks to these alumnae for their continuing love for our school, and and for making the time and effort to lead the following PL100 initiatives:

 PL100 Memorabilia – Ms Angela Tan (class of 1990)

Praiseathon – Ms See Beow Tuan (class of 1976)

PL Testifies – Ms Amelia Champion (class of 1986)

PL Writes – Ms Pang Sze Yunn (class of 1987)

PL Honours the Teachers – Ms Catherine Foo (class of 1994)

100th Founder’s Day Thanksgiving Dinner – Ms Joyce Goh (class of 1983)


We also thank the alumnae who worked hard in the committees supporting the above events.

A special note of appreciation is also due to our distinguished alumnae Mrs Winnie Tan and Mrs Lee Boon Siew, whose wise counsel and guidance have contributed in no small way to our preparations for the centennial celebrations.

 We thank the teachers and staff of PLMGS (Primary and Secondary) for their dedicated support and collaboration in all these undertakings.

Above all, we give thanks to God for His grace and favour. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever. His faithfulness will continue through all generations (Psalm 100:5)


For those of you who missed it, this is how we celebrated PL100.


PL Praise-a-thon January 15, 2016

PraiseThe PL Praise-a-thon marked the 1st event in PL’s 100th celebrations. Despite the heavy overcast skies, the event kicked off at officially at 4.30pm.
PL Praise-a-thon was memorable for many reasons:

  • Despite the heavy downpour, the girls sang whole-heartedly, clapped and encouraged each other
  • The participation of many alumnae and friends as worship leaders
  • Rousing and heart-warming end of the event as the girls sang the school anthem with all their hearts
  • The singing of 100 Songs of Praise in 5 hours

PL Cares February 19, 2016

The school presented a love gift of $25,000 to each of our partner charities: St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd, The National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Society for the Aged Sick and Touch Community Services at the Luncheon. The love gift of $100,000 in total was donated by 100 PL Alumni.

The school also hosted a Lunar New Year Luncheon for the clients of these charities,  with Dr Lam Pin Min, Minister of State, Ministry of Health as the Guest-of Honour for the Lunar New Year Luncheon.

PL Testifies March 19, 2016


PL Testifies was a call to all old girls of the school to ‘Come Home for Chapel’. Those who were present were able to testify that the afternoon was a time well-spent in the warmth of our familiar chapel service. The curtains of memories were rolled back in a video presentation where former and current PL-Lites testified what chapel meant to them and how it had impacted their lives today. The original cast from PL’s musical “For God So Loved" also gave a soulful rendition of two songs from the musical.  Former PL-Lites, Ms Chia Yong Yong and Ms Madeline Yan gave testimony of God's faithfulness in their lives. Finally, our frequent speaker at many of PL’s chapel services, Pastor Edmund Chan, shared and invited all to ‘come home’ to a closer walk with Jesus.

 PL Sports Meet 2016 April 1 2016

All Secondary students and the Primary 5 and 6 students came together at Track 3:14for a special sports meet. As part of the opening ceremony, we witnessed the marching in of each House, led by the respective Housemasters/ Housemistresses and House captains as we revisited the history of each house. 

In the games challenge segment, we had 100 teams from the 4 houses competing in 25 different game challenges. Each team worked towards reaching targets set in the 1 minute game challenges such as cup stacking, shooting baskets, dribbling a ball and jumping over hurdles, just to name a few. 

The highlights of the sports meet were the cheer and dance competitions. Each house showcased interesting choreography which depicted their house themes and everyone gave it their all as they cheered for their house. Every staff and student who participated in the event received a “Champion”’s medal. 

PL Makes Her Mark May 6, 2016

The school took part in a mass record-breaking event as part of the school’s centennial celebrations. Every PL-Lite, staff member and invited stakeholders participated in a skipping event and the record would go into the Singapore Book of Records. This was also a fundraising effort in collaboration with North East Community Development Council – ‘Skip for Groceries’ to help 100 needy families.

We are pleased to announce that PLMGS set the simultaneous one-legged skipping record with 2,651 skippers from the primary and secondary PL-Lites as well as parent volunteers who came together to skip continuously for 5 minutes.

PL Ebenezer Fair May 28, 2016


The name ‘Ebenezer’ which means ‘Rock of Help’ truly signifies God’s help for PL over these 100 years. The school organised the Ebenezer Fair on our school grounds from 9am to 4pm.

The PL family exhibited her creativity and adaptability through the planning, setting up and management of 100 food and games stalls at our PL Ebenezer Fair. There were games, rides and many other activities for all, stalls selling all kinds of merchandise as well as a wide variety of food and beverages from the traditional to the trendy.
 A total of $176,520 was raised through the sale of coupons. The funds raised were donated to the following charities which were identified by PL-Lites:
  AWWA (formerly known as Asian Women’s Welfare Association)
, Children’s Cancer Foundation
, Gospel Mission to the Blind
 and Singapore Cancer Society.

PL Musical - Created For His Glory July 1 and 2, 2016

Teachers and students in the school put in gruelling hours during the June holidays to put up a musical titled “Created For His Glory”. Showcased in the school’s Agape Concert Hall, the performance demonstrated the students’ faithfulness and gratitude to God for blessing all the generations of students throughout the century.
It was a reminder of the importance of the principles PL always inculcates in her students: always remember to go back to God and keep Him close throughout your life journey.

PL Writes month of August

The month of August brought the school back to walking down memory lane for the girls and the staff. In line with PL Writes, PL(Sec) launched her newly -refurbished Library, PL Booktique. This library was refurbished by an old girl who wanted to give back to the school for all the school had done for her during her growing up years. The PL (Sec) girls reflected on how special they felt our school was to them when they journeyed together through the centennial celebrations events that were held from January to July this year.

With focus on the theme ‘Thankful’ in Our School Values, H.E.A.R.T., the pupils in the primary school unleashed their creativity in the month of August. Through the art and craft of writing, each pupil mined her memory, used her imagination, observed her outer world and applied her creative thinking ability to express her gratitude towards either our country with reference to National Day or our school with reference to PL100.

PL Honours Our Teachers 1 September 2016


The Alumni hosted a Teachers’ Day thanksgiving luncheon.  By bringing many generations of PL teachers together, we celebrated God's faithfulness shown to the school through our dedicated educators. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with all the teachers past and present who have nurtured and taught us.

PLMGS Museum and Time Capsule’s official opening 14 October 2016 


The PLMGS Museum was officially reopened this morning by 10 PL-Lites and teachers from different generations during the Founder’s Day Thanksgiving Service in school.  The museum is set up to explore and understand the rich culture and heritage that our school is built upon. The museum has been renovated and updated to house our own collection of PLMGS artifacts, representing generations of girls who have passed through our sheltering walls.

The museum is a place where stories of God's faithfulness and the hard work of our pioneers are told and retold to all who enter. May their hearts be encouraged and lives uplifted through their visit to the Museum.

The Time Capsule, which has been sealed since October 1987, was also opened. Treasured items kept within since 1987 were taken out. These included the title deed of the land the school sits on, then-Principal Mrs Winnie Tan’s vision for PL in 2016, a prayer written by then-Chaplain Pastor Leslie Quahe, and locks and keys from our old Boundary Road premises.

Following that, new items were placed in the Time Capsule. This time capsule will be opened 30 years' time, in 2046. 

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