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On 4th March, 1955 the Cambridge School Certificate results were released and the 1st batch of School Certificate candidates (12 in number) from Paya Lebar MGS obtained a 100% Pass.  Just 3 days later, on the memorable day 7th March 1955, this group of girls met along the corridor of the school, then at 15 Boundary Road, and the Paya Lebar MGS Alumni came into being.  “This organization serves a dual purpose, namely,

  1. to forge a strong link with the Alma Mater, and
  2. to maintain intact the chain of fellowship among the girls” from 1st Alumni report.

It started with only 11 girls, all of whom were absorbed into the Board of Management -

Board of Management
President  Chia Jit Imm
Vice-President   Gan Teck Choo
Secretary   Goh Keng Luan
Asst Secretary  Seah Su Suan
Treasurer  Sim Lee Kheng
Auditor  Chew Siew Lian
Committee Members Lean Poh Kee
Sim Pui Chuin
Foo Sock Ching
Tan Molly
Tay Sock Hiang

The young alumni laid down a few basic rules –

  • term of office - 2 years
  • annual fee - $2.00

The committee also drafted application forms.

At the school bazaar the Alumni contributed a small sum to the Lucky Dip stall and helped to sell tickets.  The Alumni also donated the 1st Dux Board which cost $40/-.

To quote the 1st President in her report  -  If the Alumni did not “strike a great impression it is because, as Shakespeare says, “We are yet but young in deed”. In her message for the school magazine the 1st President made an impassioned plea to the girls to join the Alumni upon leaving the school. 


“… wherever (you) are (you) carry the flag of the school.  Therefore in your effort to conquer greater fields let the school be uppermost in your mind.  Think of what she has done for you … and then think of the pride that is hers when you achieve success.  It is to the efforts of Paya Lebar MGS that you owe your success.  It is at Paya Lebar MGS that you become what you are.  So, when you (leave its) ‘ sheltering walls’ you will still heed any call by Paya Lebar MGS  … Meanwhile LOOK UP! LIFT UP!  That your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled not only to your satisfaction but also to the honour of the school and to the glory of God.

Is the sincere wish and prayer of

Yours sincerely,

Chia Jit Imm
Paya Lebar MGS Alumni"


For a number of years the Alumni went into hibernation (as students were discouraged from joining associations in the 50’s and 60’s).  In the 70’s PLMGS Alumni was revived and officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in 1978.  The 1st President then Principal of PLMGS appealed to Tay Boon Wan (class of 1961) to be the Pro-tem President.  She accepted, followed by Nellie Har and since then the Alumni has not looked back.

List of Presidents
Miss Chia Jit Imm 1955 – 1957 (looked after Alumni matters)
Ms Tay Boon Wan   1975 to March 1976
Mrs Nellie Ko        1976 - 1982
Miss Sarojini Devi   1983 - 1988
Dr Tan Chor Hiang    1989 – 1993
Miss Elizabeth Poey Cheng Wah 1994 – 1998
Ms Mabel Quah/Ow    1998
Mrs Pearl Lim    1998, 1999 – 2001
Ms Eunice Goh  2002 - 2004
Ms Doreen Goh 2005 - 2007
Ms Lim Su-Lynn   2008 to date
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